Mr. Michael Watson, Founder and CEO

Michael is the Founder and CEO of GEMcorp. He is an entrepreneur with an extensive background in the heavy equipment market. Michael operates an excavation business and a beef operation where he practices animal science and agricultural operations. Michael is passionate about GEMcorp saying "This is one of the few after-market products that really works. If I can get you to try it .The quantum accelerator will prove itself to you as it did me."

Mr. Bill Clydesdale, Director of Sales

Bill has spent the last sixteen years in petroleum marketing. He has held progressive positions from sales and operations management to General Manager. His success has been attributed to aggressive market growth throughout his career. He has consistently developed sales and management teams that provide rapid growth year over year and was unaffected by the current economic downturn. Bill is a professionally trained sales manager who holds certificates from Sales Factor and SMG.

Mr. James Hackwood, General Manager & COO

James is a member of the senior executive team responsible for the operation of the company. James has a successful 24-year track-record in start-ups, growth businesses, and product development from concept to revenue generation in many capacities including general, sales, marketing and product management and engineering.

Mr. Jeff Stephenson, Inventor and Technical Specialist

Jeff is the inventor of the Quantum Accelerator and consults to GEMcorp on all technical product matters.