Catalyst Installed on a Nordberg Engine

These pictures are of a diesel electric generator station located in Costa Rica. The engine, to run the 3.2 megawatt generator, is a 5000 h.p. 2 stroke diesel Nordberg. The objective of this venture was to reduce the emissions by 25% and improve fuel economy by 10%.

5000 horse power Nordberg

Catalyst on Crankcase Vent Line

After a year of testing the technology on generator #2, we are happy to say that we exceeded the minimum objectives with flying colors. The generators are designed for continuous operation and their reliability is imperative.

Catalyst Installed on a 3.5 hp Lawn Mower Engine

These pictures are of the original spark plug on a 3.5 hp Lawn Mower Engine

Before, with 4 years use, never cleaned.

After 1 hour of operation with technology installed

After 2 hours operation with catalyst system installed

Spark Plug after one Summer of use with our system installed

View inside the spark plug hole after one Summer of use on the 5 year old Lawn Mower Engine

The Sparkplug has now had 5 seasons of use, it was removed for each photo and put back in the engine without any cleaning.

Noticeable benefits include:

easier starting (hot or cold)

engine no longer stalled in heavy mowing conditions (wet tall grass)

Dual catalyst system (size referenced against a spark plug)

The Quantum Accelerator can improve the efficiency of any engine, from a 3.5 h.p. Lawn Mower to a 2 story high 5000 h.p. Nordberg.