World wide emissions reduction is the most pressing responsibility faced by modern society.

What are our options?

Global emissions problems are not easily addressed because most solutions are not only expensive, but difficult to implement. People want to contribute but the options often become ever increasing burdens. Engines especially are prone to excessive maintenance issues and power loss when configured to meet modem emissions standards, C02 emissions often increase as a result.

Improvements in performance and maintenance do not often accompany an engine's modifications to meet the strict compliance of new emissions standards. It is necessary in many cases to continuously maintain or replace components to stay in compliance. Exhaust filtering or modifying systems exact a toll on an engine's performance and longevity as they are not intended to improve combustion, only contend with combustion contaminants.

Our research involves the modification of combustion for the purpose of cleaner emissions, improved performance and reduced maintenance. How many products are available that can effectively reduce emissions while simultaneously improving the efficiency of most combustion systems used in your home, garage, community or industry?

This system could improve your home's natural gas heating efficiency or a barbecue's ignition safety and cooking characteristics. As well, it could be used on your lawn mower, weed eater, snow blower and car to reduce toxic emissions while at the same time improving their over-all function and durability.

This system could work effectively on community vehicles such as garbage trucks, fire trucks and school buses. As well, it can be applied to construction, trains, farming and shipping industries. Even industrial plants and power generators, mining and petroleum processing industries could benefit with improved efficiency and reduced emissions. The product is available and well proven throughout a number of communities already.