We have developed a very unique, proprietary, method of reducing emissions on virtually all internal combustion engines, new or old. With having over seven years of field testing in nearly every possible condition and application, we have successfully demonstrated that our technology will effectively reduce all levels of toxic emissions while requiring absolutely no maintenance.

As well it has been demonstrated repeatedly that virtually all engines will respond with an increase in power with smoother operating characteristics and improved cooling.

It was believed from the onset in developing this technology, that in order to reduce all levels of emissions in an engine the chemical reactions involving combustion itself would be the target for modification. This would allow the adaptation of our technology to be applied to all internal combustion engines regardless of design or type of fuel used. Diesel, gasoline and even natural gas burning engines will benefit regardless of the engine's operating environment or mechanical condition.

The significant differences between most fuels and the engines adapted to burn them, ideally, should end in the combustion chamber. Essentially, fire is fire, regardless of the fuel used. Diesel engines can be made to bum as smoke free as gasoline and other toxins such as unburned fuel and carbon monoxide can be significantly reduced if the complex chemical reactions in the fire can be manipulated.

Years of extensive research and development has determined that we can effectively and inexpensively modify combustion reactions into producing much cleaner emissions and significantly improved performance from virtually all combustion systems.

It is important to note, when the chemical reactions of fire are more controlled, that the cleaner the emissions become, the more an engine's performance improves. As well, the smoother, less intense combustion process will reduce vibration and extend the engine's life. Several hundred engines in various commercial operating environments in total have accumulated tens of millions of kilometers with some engines having more than 6000 hours each, using this technology, with no maintenance concerns.

Our technology will work alone or in conjunction with any existing emissions control equipment on the engine, and in fact will aid in their cleanliness and long term function. A relatively simple retrofit which can be accomplished in field is all that is necessary. There are no modifications required to the engine and the technology can be adapted to fit virtually any engine. It lasts indefinitely and there are no additives or servicing required.